Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dakootyboroys: Live at Little BALi Cherating. May 30th 09

Click this pix to view video.

This is our first gig (after a long hiatus) with loads of great bands organized by HumanFirst Collective. Zillion thanx TO Ayie Bulat and crew.

It was great to meet old friends/bands (some of them, just like us,who've just started to play gig again- Like Sleepy Jeremy) and new people with great bands.

Anyways, (melencong sikit) last saturday,there was another gig held at the same venue. Tayar Soton kicked ass with their set, joined together by the butt-wigling crowd. It was great fun. Actually I didn't mean to be there nak tengok gig, just to tunjuk muka only as I just got back from work. I had headache too (the night before tak tidur sebab buat kerja sikit-last minute punya kerja). But nice Mr. Fikri asked me to masuk free. (Haaii, seganlah pulak den. Nampak muko masuk free ko? Hehhe).

After few bands, I drove my car balik tido. But the best thing that day was, to see Bard and Enslaved Chaos in action. I saw them before yearsss ago but (with Mat on mic of course). That day, the set tak berapa smooth but oklah. Almost every song (except one ) from their EP, so bolehlah singalong sikit2. Bolehlah aku me-I hate work! 3x, (mencarut ) You!

Balik pada gig Peace Gig II, tadi. Dum Dum Tak was great. Kasih Sayang, Dully Dog tu semua best. Sleepy tight that day with Ujay on vocal dengan machonya. (Beh gok natang ni nyanyi. hehehIzhan dan briefcase gadget guitar yang seksi. Great blog too, baru tengok mareng). It was fun.

Our set dipenuhi dengan huming. Ateng's brother managed to record our set (not complete tho') and few other bands. I had sent it to be transfered into DVD. His wife took a video too (digital camera). So this is hers.

Like I said, it ain't puurrrty being old and with extra kg around. But hey, Tom Aray Slayer tua lagi, tapi bapak lagi rock!. Yeargh,Nak tengok vid kami? Here it is.

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  1. lagu baru Dakootyroaches beh ah.. bile nok rekod? eheh..

  2. suicide never sound so wrong..
    short cut trip to heaven..

  3. Haahaha, baru bukak blog setelah sekelian lama, bini baru lahirkan baby.
    Setjiweluke- Tak tau bila nak rekod- line up pon berterabur lagi. Ateng kabo mungkin lepah raya. Lagu ada lebih sedozen tapi mungkin rekod 5-6 lagu je. Band deme pulok bila?

    Shitakeisgood- Tu pasal suicide bomber di Palestine, dari segi moral, agama dan desperation, justified ke aksi bunuh diri diorang tu pada masa yg sama ulamak mereka kata itulah adalah act of martyrdom @syahid. Fikir2 kan. hahaha.

  4. Ujay on vocal dengan machonya. (Beh gok natang ni nyanyi. ---ye dok mu??haha!