Wednesday, September 2, 2009

C'est la vie (Inikah Hidup, oppss, salah, itulah hidup)

The ultimate way of survival is through avoidance. That’s how things work usually. But not for me tho’, I’m in the habit of not be able to avoid something to ‘survive’. And it’s look as though I’m destined to bum into problems and ‘imbecilistic’ enough not to get my ass away from being noticed.

I believe every person should be equipped with a defense mechanism when it comes to a situation. You see a threat, you start to be a chameleon, not to be noticed, you mingle with the crowd by mean of pretension (or mingle with pretentious crowd for that matter) So things will be super Ok, all you have to be is, to be super alert.

But in my case, I got this one incapability, the incapable of doing a little bit of ‘acting’. I’m the type of person who is sometimes like to go extra miles to complete a task. I wouldn’t mind doing a little bit more, contributing in my own way, but usually I rather keep it low. If somebody notices them, it’s ok, I don’t really go ‘trumpeting’ things.

I mean, some like to recycle things, some like to cut and paste, and I sometimes like to make my own, and that gives me somehow a satisfaction. And I’m the kind of guy who do things differently, but deep inside of me, I like to do things by the book. But, somehow fate does not always, err, say… in my favor. Not only my sincerity is unappreciated and unnoticed, but well, misperception is a bad thing. If you saw something a couple of times and you tend to believe that it is the pattern of things in actuality. So, the man thinks what he wants to think, and I’m getting the impression that he is frequently on my ass.

But hey, you do things your way, if your conscience says that you are not doing anything wrong, just keep doing it. And leave the rest to the ‘guy up there’, if it happens that it shown, the perception changed, redirected by the new stimuli that suits his idea of the right thing, well hopefully, who knows? Well, C'est la vie!

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  1. mu ni dok macam org lain. mu dok normal. mu manusia luar biasa. duli apa org lain. awang kata "dully dog"